2022 Publications

Implementing shared decision making in Australia – Marguerite Tracy et al

Person-centred care (PCC) and shared decision-making (SDM) are part of national clinical standards for an increasing number of areas of health care delivery. In addition to existing standards for accrediting hospitals, day surgery facilities, public dental services and medical education in Australia, new standards governing primary health care and [...]

The Impact of Health Literacy-Sensitive Design and Heart Age in a Cardiovascular Disease Prevention Decision Aid: Randomized Controlled Trial and End-User Testing – Carissa Bonner et al

Shared decision-making is an essential principle for the prevention of cardiovascular disease (CVD), where asymptomatic people consider lifelong medication and lifestyle changes.  This study aims to develop and evaluate the first literacy-sensitive CVD prevention decision aid (DA) developed for people with low health literacy, and [...]

Main COVID-19 information sources in a culturally and linguistically diverse community in Sydney, Australia: A cross-sectional survey – Julie Ayre et al

This study describes COVID-19 information-seeking experiences for culturally and linguistically diverse groups in Sydney, Australia.  Cross-sectional survey, translated into 11 languages; participants recruited from March 21 to July 9, 2021. Regression models identified factors associated with difficulty finding easy-to-understand COVID-19 information.