Watch the Webinar:  Vaccines offer a way out of COVID but its success is not without challenges. How do we overcome the gaps in understanding so that we’re backing the best chance we have in keeping ourselves and the community safe?

Facilitated by ABC’s Tegan Taylor (co-host of Australia’s chart-topping health podcast, Coronacast), this discussion is grounded in the science, with insights from experts from the University of Sydney’s Faculty of Medicine and Health including:

Professor Cheryl Jones, paediatric infectious diseases physician, clinician-scientist, Head of School and Dean of Sydney Medical School; and ATAGI member

– Professor Kirsten McCaffery, Principal Research Fellow at the Sydney School of Public Health

– Professor Ramon Shaban, Professor of Infection Prevention and Disease Control

– Mustafa Dhahir, a current Doctor of Medicine student and Pharmacy graduate, with experience in community vaccinations; and he uses social media to empower the public’s understanding of health.