Below is a selection of our publications.

Healthcare providers’ perceptions of the challenges and opportunities to engage Chinese migrant women in contraceptive counselling: a qualitative interview study – Hankiz Dolan et al

In Australia, there are many culturally and linguistically diverse communities and Chinese migrants make up one of the largest. Yet, little is known about healthcare providers’ (HCPs) unique experiences in providing contraceptive care for Chinese migrant women. There is minimal research into the HCPs’ perceptions [...]

Assessing health literacy among adult outpatients attending allied health clinics in western Sydney: A cross-sectional survey using a multi-dimensional instrument – Kim Hobbs, Danielle Muscat et al

Low health literacy disproportionately affects adults from culturally and linguistically‐diverse backgrounds. This study investigated the health literacy of adults attending outpatient allied health services in western Sydney; a highly diverse region in Sydney with residents from a range of cultural and linguistic backgrounds.

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