Below is a selection of our publications.

Exploring the expectations, experiences and tensions of refugee patients and general practitioners in the quality of care in general practice – Pinika Patel et al

Refugees and asylum seekers arrive in the Australian community with complex health needs and expectations of healthcare systems formed from elsewhere. Navigating the primary healthcare system can be challenging with communication and language barriers. In multicultural societies, this obstacle may be removed by accessing language-concordant [...]

Assessing the Potential for Patient-led Surveillance After Treatment of Localized Melanoma (MEL-SELF): A Pilot Randomized Clinical Trial – Deonna Ackermann,…Jolyn Hersch et al

This pilot randomized clinical trial including 100 patients found that patient-led surveillance was safe, feasible, and acceptable. Despite limited statistical power to detect effects on secondary outcomes, the intervention appears to improve skin self-examination practice and detection of subsequent new primary melanomas.

Can patient-led surveillance detect subsequent new primary or recurrent melanoma and reduce the need for routinely scheduled follow-up? A protocol for the MEL-SELF randomised controlled trial – Deonna Ackermann,…Jolyn Hersch et al

Most subsequent new primary or recurrent melanomas might be self-detected if patients are trained to systematically self-examine their skin and have access to timely medical review (patient-led surveillance). Routinely scheduled clinic visits (clinician-led surveillance) is resource-intensive and has not been shown to improve health outcomes; [...]

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