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Australia is responding to the complex challenge of overdiagnosis

Overdiagnosis is now a health challenge recognised across many nations. Debates about its definition continue, but in short, overdiagnosis happens when health systems routinely diagnose people in ways that do not benefit them or that even do more harm than good, argue Ray Moynihan and colleagues. Australia [...]

Renaming low risk conditions labelled as cancer.

Removing the cancer label in low risk conditions that are unlikely to cause harm if left untreated may help reduce overdiagnosis and overtreatment, argue Brooke Nickel and colleagues. Renaming low risk conditions labelled as cancer. Nickel B, Moynihan R, Barratt A, Brito J, McCaffery J.  BMJ 2018; 362:k3322 [...]

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A new way to produce written patient information – Health Literacy Hub Seminar 3

2:00-3:00pm, Tuesday 3 December 2019 John Lowenthal Auditorium, WECC, Level 2 Westmead Hospital Speakers:  Dana Mouwad and Dr Danielle Muscat Western Sydney Local Health District is introducing a new system and online portal to produce patient information based on best-practices in health literacy and in partnership with consumers. This includes [...]

Preventing Overdiagnosis 5-7 December 2019 – Sydney. Register here.

PODC 2019 is now an accredited Category 2 Activity with RACGP. For more details please go to the CPD website - RACGP CPD Themes for the conference include: · Commercial Drivers of Overdiagnosis / Commercial Determinants of Health · Genomics and precision medicine: risks and benefits · Overdiagnosis and the [...]

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