The challenge of shared decision making among patients with lower literacy: a framework for research and development – Kirsten McCaffery et al

There have been major advances in techniques to increase patient involvement in health decisions with the benefits of greater involvement and shared decision making now widely recognized. However, there has been little attention in the development of tools and strategies to support patient participation among adults with lower literacy, a group with poor [...]

Health Literacy Demand of Printed Lifestyle Patient Information Materials Aimed at People With Chronic Kidney Disease: Are Materials Easy to Understand and Act On and Do They Use Meaningful Visual Aids? – Suzanne Morony et al

People with chronic kidney disease (CKD) need usable information on how to live well and slow disease progression. This information is complex, difficult to communicate, and changes during the course of the disease. We examined lifestyle-related printed CKD patient education materials focusing on actionability and [...]