2021 Publications

Comparison of reported main COVID-19 information sources in national and culturally and linguistically diverse communities in Australia – Julie Ayre et al (Preprint)

To manage the COVID-19 pandemic effectively, governments need clear and effective communication. This is a challenge for culturally diverse communities as groups may have different informational needs and information-seeking behaviours. In this paper we present the frequency of information sources for COVID-19 in a culturally [...]

Coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccination information must pay attention to health literacy: analysis of readability of official COVID-19 public health information – Olivia Mac et al (Preprint)

This paper analyses the readability of official COVID-19 public health information, specifically comparing vaccination information to physical distancing and mask information. We assessed understandability and instruction clarity (actionability) for standard online content and ‘easy read’ resources. COVID-19 vaccination information performed poorly on all readability metrics [...]

“It’s about our bodies … we have the right to know this stuff”: A qualitative focus group study on Australian women’s perspectives on breast density – Brooke Nickel et al

This study aimed to explore Australian women’s current knowledge, perspectives and attitudes about breast density (BD); and information needs to inform effective evidence-based communication strategies.  Fourteen online focus group sessions with a total of 78 women in New South Wales and Queensland, Australia aged 40–74 [...]

Contextualising COVID-19 prevention behaviour over time in Australia: Patterns and long-term predictors from April to July 2020 in an online social media sample – Julie Ayre et al

In Australia in March 2020 a national public health directive required that non-essential workers stay at home, except for essential activities. These restrictions began easing in May 2020 as community transmission slowed.  This study investigated changes in COVID prevention behaviours from April-July 2020, and psychosocial [...]

Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis of Patient Decision Aids for Socially Disadvantaged Populations: Update from the International Patient Decision Aid Standards (IDPAS) – Renata Yen et al

The effectiveness of patient decision aids (PtDAs) and other shared decision-making (SDM) interventions for socially disadvantaged populations has not been well studied.  This study assesses whether PtDAs and other SDM interventions improve outcomes or decrease health inequalities among socially disadvantaged populations and determine the critical [...]