2021 Publications

Comparison of reported main COVID-19 information sources in national and culturally and linguistically diverse communities in Australia – Julie Ayre et al (Preprint)

To manage the COVID-19 pandemic effectively, governments need clear and effective communication. This is a challenge for culturally diverse communities as groups may have different informational needs and information-seeking behaviours. In this paper we present the frequency of information sources for COVID-19 in a culturally [...]

Coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccination information must pay attention to health literacy: analysis of readability of official COVID-19 public health information – Olivia Mac et al (Preprint)

This paper analyses the readability of official COVID-19 public health information, specifically comparing vaccination information to physical distancing and mask information. We assessed understandability and instruction clarity (actionability) for standard online content and ‘easy read’ resources. COVID-19 vaccination information performed poorly on all readability metrics [...]